About Us

Always Grind's founder, Joe Moroney, knows how to create a competitive advantage through experience in his baseball career. Moroney, who was not heavily recruited out of high school, took a risk and walked on at the University of Kansas.

With no guarantee of playing college baseball, he earned the respect of his coaches and teammates through his work ethic and dedication to the game.

"I knew that if I worked harder than anybody, took care of my academic responsibilities, and truly immersed myself in the game of baseball, I would earn my opportunity."

Moroney's dedication to his craft earned respect from his teammates and coaches as he went from walk-on to team captain his senior year. His success on the field, from years of grit and determination, made him one of the best outfielders in the BIG 12, and created opportunities to extend his career professionally. During his time in pro ball, Moroney carried over his work ethic and developed the first rendition of the Always Grind: Hitter's Game Logs.

"I started using notebooks to track pitch sequences, certain pitcher tendencies, and specific at bats to help improve my competitive advantage while also expanding my 'Baseball IQ.' I tried to consume the game as much as I could to gain the competitive edge I needed."

That's where the idea of Always Grind was born.

 Today, Always Grind provides a framework for athletes to immerse and dedicate themselves to their passion. In order to be competitive in your passion, there are hours of commitment and dedication that coaches and fans don't see. That's the GRIND. Whether it is extra work in the cage, the extra rep in the gym or studying player tendencies, the Grind challenges the integrity of your passion.