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Always Grind Softball Hitter's Game Logs Notebook

All your At-Bats, in One Place.

ALWAYS GRIND: Hitter’s Game Logs are designed for ALWAYS GRIND Athletes to scribe a participated game and receive instant feedback beneficial for development. By learning tendencies from opposing teams and players, and analyzing in-game situations, ALWAYS GRIND Athletes create a competitive advantage for themselves and their team. They become “Students of the Game.” The best professional and collegiate softball players analyze game situations and log every single pitch, at-bat, and box score. The ALWAYS GRIND: Hitter’s Game Logs is an effective tool for player development.

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Customize For Your Team

Create a Competitive Advantage

By using AG’s innovative design to track your at-bats during and after games, you're able to view and reflect on your performance. Whether it’s evaluating pitch sequences, measuring Quality At-Bats (QAB’s), or summarizing how you felt throughout the game, you create a competitive advantage for yourself and your team by analyzing what you did well, and what you need to improve in the next game.

Evaluate & Reflect like a Pro

The best Collegiate & Professional Athletes document and reflect on their at-bats and training. The Hitter’s Game Logs allows you to reflect on your at-bats and gameplay to assist in your development.  

Become a “Student of the Game”

By using the Hitter’s Game Logs, you’re willing to dedicate and immerse yourself in the game of baseball. You’re studying tendencies and moments in the game that stand out, giving you an edge the next time you step on the field. Coaches and Pro’s love this intangible skill - being a “Student of the Game.” It helps you and your team win Championships. 

Softball Hitter's Game Logs are an effective tool for player development:

  • Game Logs for Situations, Pitch and Result Tracking, & Spray Charting

  • Scouting Report & Self-Reflection section on back of Game Logs

  • Pre-Game Routine Development Section

  • Key Page for Ultimate Use & Ownership Page

  • 60 Games Included & Additional Note Pages

Used & Trusted at the Highest Levels of the Game

Used & Trusted at the Highest Levels of the Game