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Always Grind Coach's Pocketbook - Coach Notebook - Baseball/Softball

Replace taking notes on your Lineup Card!  

The ALWAYS GRIND: Coach’s Pocketbook is designed for ALWAYS GRIND Coaches to scribe a participated game and receive instant feedback to assist with coaching decisions.

By learning tendencies from opposing teams and players, and analyzing in-game situations, ALWAYS GRIND Coaches create a competitive advantage for their team. 

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Customize For Your Team

Improved Organization

Find all your game notes throughout the season, spiral bound and fit perfectly in your back pocket. Refer back to those moments throughout the game to gain a competitive advantage for your team. 

Enhance Your Notes On The Field

Base Coaches casually take notes on the back of their line-up card - Notes on their players, notes on the opposition, post-game addresses, etc. Only to find out later that lineup card is long gone. The Coach’s Pocketbook is the enhanced lineup card designed specifically for in-game notes that you can refer back to and actually find!

Convenient Note Taking

Sized to the exact specifications of a Golf Yardage book (4” x 7”), the Coach’s Pocketbook fits perfectly in your backpocket and is finished with laminated covers to avoid folding. 

Coach's Pocketbooks are an effective tool for player development:

  • Your Lineup & Notes for Each Player

  • Available Bench Players Based on Tangible Skills

  • Opponent’s Pitchers with Notes/Data (Time to Plate, Move, etc.)

  • Opponent’s Defensive Notes Organized by Position

  • Opponent's Bullpen Availability

Used & Trusted at the Highest Levels of the Game

Used & Trusted at the Highest Levels of the Game