Improved Organization

Find all your game notes throughout the season, spiral bound and fit perfectly in your back pocket. Refer back to those moments throughout the game to gain a competitive advantage for your team. 

Enhance Your Notes On The Field

Base Coaches casually take notes on the back of their line-up card - Notes on their players, notes on the opposition, post-game addresses, etc. Only to find out later that lineup card is long gone. The Coach’s Pocketbook is the enhanced lineup card designed specifically for in-game notes that you can refer back to and actually find!

Convenient Note Taking

Sized to the exact specifications of a Golf Yardage book (4” x 7”), the Coach’s Pocketbook fits perfectly in your backpocket and is finished with laminated covers to avoid folding. 

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Always Grind Coach's Pocketbook - Coach Notebook - Baseball/Softball

Replace taking notes on your Lineup Card! 

The ALWAYS GRIND: Coach’s Pocketbook is designed for ALWAYS GRIND Coaches to scribe a participated game and receive instant feedback to assist with coaching decisions.

By learning tendencies from opposing teams and players, and analyzing in-game situations, ALWAYS GRIND Coaches create a competitive advantage for their team. 

Single Pocketbook2-Pack (Save 10%)3-Pack (Save 15%)5-Pack (Save 20%)

Customize For Your Team

Coach's Pocketbooks are an effective tool for player development:

  • Your Lineup & Notes for Each Player

  • Available Bench Players Based on Tangible Skills

  • Opponent’s Pitchers with Notes/Data (Time to Plate, Move, etc.)

  • Opponent’s Defensive Notes Organized by Position

  • Opponent's Bullpen Availability

Used & Trusted at the Highest Levels of the Game

Used & Trusted at the Highest Levels of the Game